A smart grid solution is not an off-the-shelf product. It’s a complex high-tech system, including hardware and software, that is carefully hidden behind an easy-to-use web interface.

DEPsys provides a full set of services, from consulting to training and support, to make your life as easy as possible and the integration in your processes seamless.

Installation & Commissioning

DEPsys installation services make sure that your smart grid environment is setup properly, from server hosting to data communication configuration.

The physical installation of the modules is generally done by the network operator assisted by a DEPsys engineer. Together, they commission the installation and do the final testing. After a formal acceptation, the new GridEye system is handed over to the DSO.


DEPsys provides lifetime support for all its installations. With a valid support contract, you automatically receive the latest software versions free of charge and hence make sure that you always benefit from the latest functionalities, security updates and bug fixes. In the unlikely case of a failure of one of the modules, DEPsys replaces the faulty module with a new one.

If you need help with your modules, your server or the user interface, DEPsys support can help you solve the most tricky situations.


Based on its smart grid experience, DEPsys can provide various consulting services for a better planning of your smart grid, from impact analysis to modeling and design.

Consulting usually starts with a workshop to align all stakeholders and define clear objectives.
The following assessment uses your new smart grid infrastructure to analyze the grid and to provide you with an overview of the current state. It concludes with recommendations for more efficient operations.

The design phase draws the future state of your network and the overlaying operations.
The last phase consists on the implementation of the solution that has been designed in the previous phase and has been agreed with all stakeholders.


DEPsys technology is simple to install and easy to use. Nevertheless, there are a few things that are good to know before you start operating your new smart grid. DEPsys can kick-off your smart grid journey with customized training sessions to make best use of your new smart grid. Technicians should know what’s behind the box, what can go wrong, and how to behave in case of failure.

Operators have to know how to use the new interface, where to find what, and what to do with the information that is displayed on the screen.

We can also train your managers on smart grid technologies, the grid of the future and what this means for the company, so that they feel more comfortable with your new solution.


The GridEye server can be installed in the DSO datacenter or it can be hosted by DEPsys in the cloud. This PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering provides maximum piece of mind to the DSO, as he doesn’t have to care about administration, maintenance, backup, etc. His server is just up and running. Moreover, the precious data is securely stored in a datacenter in Switzerland.

The last phase consists on the implementation of the solution that has been designed in the previous phase and has been agreed with all stakeholders.


The GridEye platform needs a communication infrastructure to interconnect the modules in a cell and to ensure the link to the server.

The hardware can be connected to any customer communication infrastructure, such as optical fiber, PLC or RF. DEPsys provides a secure GSM communication for a monthly fee, which includes the required data volume, via a commercial IoT/M2M platform.